Monday, February 2, 2009

Pancakes and Pilates

This was definitely an "off the diet" weekend. Friday night John and I decided to try a place just down the street from the apartment called Perennial. We must have walked by it 40 times and finally decided to go after we read a good review. It was amazing. Black truffle gnocchi for an appetizer and I finally got to try pork belly, yum. Surprisingly it wasn't as expensive as we thought and we will definitely go back often.

Saturday I was supposed to go to pilates with Tracey but it was postponed until Sunday. So we decided to go out to the Pancake House instead. I'm totally stuck on these blueberry crepes and just can't order anything else there.

That night we before we shopped at my favorite grocery store Whole Foods, we stopped into a popular mexican restaurant Uncle Julio's Hacienda. I couldn't believe how packed it was at 5:30 so we wound up eating at the bar. Another great find, it was awesome. I found out the next day at pilates that it is sometimes referred to as the "Hacienda".

After pilates yesterday I started cooking for John's super bowl day. White bean dip, bacon wrapped cheese and crackers, and lobster mac and cheese.

I'm hoping to have a productive day and week. Today I have a 1:00 appointment at the culinary school. I'm still not sold but we'll see, worth checking out.

Here are some pics from the weekend:

Yes, it was 5 degrees ouside.

These flowers were on the table at Perennial. They are almost a perfect match to my wedding bouquet ( a mini version).

Ruby glued to the TV for Kitty Half-Time on Animal Planet.

My lobster mac n cheese.


Melissa said...

yummmm...white bean dip! my favorite. let me know how things went at the culinary school.

MissCaron said...

I want your recipe for the lobster mac ... YUMMY! Still hard to imagine it being so darn cold! You poor things ... stay warm ... have fun this week with your new opportunities ahead! :-)